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Wellness Through Kinesiology

You will be able to:

  • set goals and do a 14 muscle balance to improve and restore balance to meridians, muscles and their related organs.
  • work with emotional triggers that cause stress, illness and disharmony to the body
  • understand and use 5-Element theory and the history and philosophies of Kinesiology along with additional Kinesiology balances.
  • These first five units are the basic skills required by Kinesiologists and you will be able to help yourself, family and friends all while achieving personal growth.

This is not a Government accredited course. You need the Diploma in Kinesiology to offer Health Rebates


BKP101 Energisers and Self Testing

This first weekend is all about teaching you how to take care of and balance yourself. After all, you must stay healthy in body and mind to be able to help others including your family. These techniques can also be used to teach family and friends some basic skills they can use at home to help themselves. Some basic anatomical parts of the body and terminology are also learnt. Setting well worded powerful goals is the basis of a good Kinesiology balance and helping your brain understand what you really want. as part of this workshop you will learn the skills for goal setting that will be used in every balance in the future.

BKP102 Manual Muscle Testing

This unit introduces you to the art of muscle testing, which is the basis of Kinesiology. You learn to balance other people, using brain/muscle feedback, known as muscle testing or muscle monitoring, to identify dysfunctions and stress. You also learn how to identify and correct the most common causes of disorginisation in the brain.

BKP103 The Chinese 5 Elements

An introduction of Chinese 5 Element philosophies to balance the energy using colour, sound and the emotions is the theme of this unit. Here you will learn techniques to correct and confirm the changes you make in a 5 Element balance and using food to strengthen muscles, meridians and organs.

BKP104 Kinesiology and Superficial Connections

Using the direction of energy flow you will learn a number of effective ways to improve and restore balance to meridians and their related muscles and organs. Students also learn more basic Anatomy and Physiology.

BKP105 Five Elements In-depth

Learning the 5 Element principles in depth and working with the full chart of emotions takes you to a whole new level of knowledge. An extra 14 muscles allows you a greater variety of ways to balance the client. You will also learn how to identify and use one single correction to return the person to balance.

2017 September Class Dates

 BKP101 9+10 Sept 2017
BKP102 7+8 Oct 2017
BKP103 4+5 Nov 2017
BKP104 2+3 Dec 2017
BKP105 Jan 20+21 2018