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The College


Kinesiology Schools Australia has been a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) since 2003 and has 6 campuses up the east coast from Brisbane to Melbourne. KSA started when a group of leading practitioners completed their faculty (head lecturer) training in 2002. Having lunch together they all realised their goals and passion for their students were very similar. The decision was made there and then to join together to provide a recognised college so that the students would receive formal qualifications, support each other and teach quality Kinesiology education.

Brisbane Campus

Naturally Better Health Institute (NBHI) started in 1996 and has been a provider of the ICPKP Kinesiology program since 2000. NBHI has been the Brisbane Campus provider for Kinesiology Schools Australia since its conception in 2003. NBHI teaches a number of other Kinesiology courses (see the list of courses on the menu). Lead by Danny Liddell, author of How Kinesiology Works, and Bronwyn Kennedy NBHI prides itself on excellent teaching and superior student support.


The ICPKP was founded by Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe to meet the needs of students all over the world for an internationally recognised training in kinesiology. The course material is based on the world-renowned Professional Kinesiology Practice workshops (PKP I – IV) which have been taught in 20 countries around the world and translated into 8 languages. The PKP workshops have been taught since the early 1980s.