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Refund Policy

Introduction This policy is included in the pre course student handbook and the student handbook.
Entitlement to refund Students may be entitled to a refund of course fees depending on when the application for withdrawal is received. $300 enrolment fee is non-refundable.
Where an application is received … Students will receive …
More than ten working days prior to commencement of the course A refund of the full cost of the course less $300 non-refundable enrolment fee.
Less than ten working days prior to commencement of the course No  refund  is  available.  The  original  course  feepayment minus $100 administration fee can be used as credit towards the same course within 12 months of the initial payment.
After a home study unit has been sent to the student No  refund  is  available.  The  original  course  feepayment minus $100 administration fee can be used as credit towards the same course within 12 months of the initial payment.
Transfer to another course A student may change enrolment to another course delivered concurrently with the original enrolled course or to the original enrolled course offered at a later date.  The request for the change must be made in writing and must be received at least ten working days prior to the commencement of the original enrolled course. The fees paid minus an administration fee of $100 can be transferred to the new course. A second administration fee of $100 will be charged if transfer takes place within ten working days of the first day of the course.
Substitution An organisation sponsoring training may substitute suitable personnel at any time.
Withdrawal after commencement of training Once training has commenced for the course, no refund is available to students who leave before the completion of the course. Once the student is registered and has applied for a home study unit, there is no refund available. who pay by monthly instalments have enrolled for the full course (either Certificate IV or Diploma in Kinesiology) and come under the same refund policy. They will be liable for the full course fee.
Students who have certified medical reasons or personal hardship may apply to KSA for special consideration.   If application is accepted, KSA will consider refunding a portion of the course fee in relation to those components of training that have not been started by the student, minus $300 non-refundable enrolment fee.
Attendance of withdrawn student on subsequent courses Students are able to attend subsequent courses to finalise incomplete competencies.  The original course fee payment minus administration fees  can  be  used  as  credit towards that course within 12 months of the initial payment. Application for transfers must be received in writing at least ten working days before commencement of the unit they would like to transfer.
Application for refund Students are required to put any request for a refund of course fees in
Cancellation of course Should the RTO cancel a course, students are entitled to:

  • a full refund (or pro-rata adjusted refund),
  • transfer of funds to another/future course, or
  • transfer of funds to another KSA campus or affiliated college.

In this event, students will be given their preferred option.

Cancellation of apprenticeship or traineeship Students enrolled in an apprenticeship or traineeship will receive a refund for training paid for in advance but not received at the time training ceases.

Fees paid in advance cannot be transferred to another college or campus