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Certificate IV & Diploma in Kinesiology

As part of natural health becoming more accepted, the professionalism of education and training of Kinesiology is currently being reviewed and upgraded nationally by the Australian Training Authority.

From August 2015 the Certificate IV in Kinesiology will no longer be available through any college anywhere in Australia. From this time on a Diploma in Kinesiology will be the minimal nationally recognised qualification. This is due to the training authorities belief that from a career prospective (applying for a Kinesiology position), a Cert IV graduate and a Diploma graduate can both apply for the same job, hence in their view the need for only one qualification.

Both major Kinesiology industry bodies (Australian Institute of Kinesiologists & Australian Kinesiology Association) will still recognise current Certificate IV holders as entry level practitioners. They acknowledge that the Certificate IV or equivalent level is a solid benchmark to register as a level 1 practitioner. Therefore they will still be accepting level 1 registered practitioners even after the Certificate IV is phased out.

The high quality of the Kinesiology Schools Australia Registered Kinesiology Practitioner Certification program more than covers the requirements for practitioner registration with both associations. The techniques and systems taught in our KSA course ensures graduates have the solid grounding needed to be a professional Kinesiologist.

To be clear, graduates of the Kinesiology Schools Australia Practitioner Certification Program will more than qualify for registration with the associations as practitioner level. KSA’s new Practitioner Certification Program is the old Certificate IV in Kinesiology but like all Certificate IV’s in Kinesiology it is not an ASQA registered course.

If you would like to receive KSA’s nationally recognised Diploma in Kinesiology (an ASQA registered course) you will receive the benefits of studying a nationally recognised course, i.e. http://kinesiologyschools.com.au/qual-changes/ http://kinesiologyschools.com.au/qual-changes/Austudy, Health Fund Rebate eligibility and many advanced techniques, knowledge and skills.

Please note, after the date of this letter, there may still be changes and updates made by ASQA regarding the content of the new Diploma qualification. This information has been provided in good faith based on the draft documents but is subject to change.

We are excited with these changes and believe they are for the long term good of Kinesiology and Australian health care in general.

For more information or questions regarding the changes to our Kinesiology qualifications, please contact Lisa or Bronwyn at the college.

If you enrol in your Certificate IV in Kinesiology before the end of July 2015 then you can have all the benefits of the Certificate IV as it is.

Reserve your place Ph: 3261 5436 or email brisbane@kinesiologyschools.com.au