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Kinesiology Reference Charts

TFH Reference Wall Chart ($33.00)

TFH ref


TFH Five Element/Acupuncture Wall Chart ($33.00) double sided

TFH 5 elements2

TFH 5 elements


PKP 5 Element Emotion Chart

A1        $49.50

A2        $35.00

A4        $13.00

PKP Neuro Emo

PKP Neuro Emotional Trigger Point A4 Chart ($15.00)

PKP Neuro Emo

PKP Neuro Lymphatic A4 Chart ($15.00)

Double sided A4 chart with the Neuro-Lymphatic Massage Points for each meridian. Posterior points on one side and the anterior points on the other.

PKP Neuro Vascular A4 Chart ($15.00)

Double sided A4 chart with the Neuro-Vascular Holding Points for each meridian on one side a diagram of the actual meridians on the reverse side.

PKP Kinesiology Command Point Wall Chart ($49.50)

PKP Kine Command

PKP Amygdala A4 Chart ($15.00)

PKP Amygdala

Anatomy Charts  ($28.00)

Peter Bachin Series:

Muscular System


Skeletal System


Autonomic Nervous System

Autonomic nervous

Riddler Point Chart

Riddler Point Chart

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