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Our Lecturers

Danny Liddell

Danny LiddellLearning his trade under some of the biggest names in Kinesiology, Danny Liddell has been a Kinesiologist since 1995 and has taught at most of the major colleges in Qld including Endeavour College, Aust Institute of Applied Sciences and Kinesiology Schools Australia. Danny is the author of How Kinesiology Works and a lecturer of the Professional Kinesiology Program, Hyperton-X and the Neural Organisational Therapy. As well as being a Senior Faculty Member of ICPKP Danny has also been the CEO of Kinesiology Schools Australia since 2002. Due to the success of his Kinesiology consultations, Danny’s clinic has been voted the best business in health by a leading newspaper on nine occasions.
Danny also holds a Certificate IV in Small Business Management and a Diploma in Business and a Diploma in Training and Assessment Strategies. This brings a good strength to the college where he provides student with extra help to build their business to be successful.

Rena Walker

Brad Tacey

Lisa Beyer

Bronwyn Kennedy