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KPL1 Payment Options

KPL1 Replaces the old Certificate IV in Kinesiology as of December 2015.


Price includes all notes, manuals, assessments*

All payments include GST.

Payment Option 1

Deposit $3900 Save   $525
Monthly Repayment $585 per month for 7 months Total  $7995


Payment Option 2

Deposit $1797 Save  $223
Monthly Repayment $650 per month for 10 months Total  $8297


Payment Option 3 (Part-Time)

Deposit $600
Monthly Repayment $440 per month for 18 Total $8520


Other payment options are available upon request.

All classes, assessments (~one resit included if required), class notes, handouts, expos, student clinic and practice nights are all included in the price. The only extra costs are one text (Anatomy and Physiology), First Aid and a massage table.

Charts, test kits or other recommended books are optional to purchase for those that want them.

All course fees must be paid for before certification will be issued.

Note:  Option 1 is expected to be $8575 from September 15. That is equivalent to 2015 price plus GST.

*In the unfortunate event that a 3rd final assessment re-sit is required then additional costs will be charged. (This has never been required to date.)
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