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Hyperton-X / Sports Kinesiology

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Hyperton-X and Hyperton-X Advanced make up the SPORTS KINESIOLOGY Certificate

Hyperton-X is a form of Kinesiology that specialises in 6 main areas: Flexibility, Learning Difficulties, Emotional Trauma, Sports (performance & injury recovery), Pain Relief and Allergies by releasing the excess (hyper) tension (tonic) in muscles.
Kinesiology uses the muscles like a keyboard on a computer, to gather the information from the many programs that make us magnificent humans work the way we do. We can then change, delete or add new programs to improve its efficiency. All techniques are simple, safe and effective.
This course teaches how to correct imbalances and emotions that affect pain, allergies, the way we learn, play sport and recover form injury.
All techniques are easy to learn and even easier to use. Hyperton-X is designed for people with no previous experience in Kinesiology or health. IT can be used for family and friends, sports clubs and is even used by professional health care practitioners.

Learning Difficulties / Dyslexia
We all react in different ways to the many tasks we are expected to perform. Some people can not read or do maths because certain reflexes are not communicating while someone else may have eye strain and another person’s brain may not be integrating at an acceptable level. Maybe a combination of these things along with other dysfunctions are the cause for other individuals. No matter what the dysfunction, any number of muscles may tighten in an over protective state causing short circuits.
Hyperton-X can help find the involved dys-functioning circuits and release the stress that has occurred. Once this is corrected these learning difficulties are resolved allowing the individual to attempt the task with ease.

Emotions are a part of everything we do whether we like it or not. These emotions affect our health and performance causing a short circuit effect in our neurology. Hyperton-X allows us to identify and correct the short circuits and imbalances caused by these emotional traumas. This simple technique is painless, quick and effective.

To perform in sports the messages to and from our brain must work at a high rate and often under excessive physical stress.
If there are any muscles not performing at their optimum then there is a weakness in the sequence of the movement. This weakness whether it be physical or emotional can be the cause of injury or poor performance.
This course will teach how to detect and correct the muscles that are not performing at their optimum. This technique is fast, simple and very effective.

Pain Relief
A great deal of the pain people suffer (not just sports people) is muscle related. With these simple techniques these pains and strains can be released by returning the muscles to their maximum integrity allowing them to perform correctly. It does not matter how long these pains have existed, they will quickly disappear.

Many physical and emotional sensitivities and allergies can be treated and desensitised with Hyperton-X.

These techniques help the body adjust to its new shape relieving stress and pain in the muscles and ligaments.

Self Treatment
You will also learn how to perform some of these corrections on yourself to help with your flexibility and the supply of nutrition to the brain.

Who should learn Hyperton-X
– Anyone who has a child or friend that has learning difficulties, plays sports or suffers from pain.
– Hyperton-X is a must for all parents, sports trainers and coaches.
This course is simple, effective and all materials will be provided. No previous Kinesiology or natural therapies are necessary.

Advanced Hyperton-X
Advanced Hyperton-X (HT-X Adv) takes the whole brilliant Hyperton-X Basic course to a whole new level.
For sporting people this course isolates individual movements to find and then correct exactly where the power and speed is lost.

What else you will learn

  • Learn many extra muscles to add to what you learnt in Basic HT-X.
  • Hypertonic Skin.
  • Hypertonic Joints.
  • Reactive Hypertonic Muscles.
  • Reactive Hypertonic Skin.
  • Traction (neck, spine, head and atlas, hips, knee cap, arms and legs).
  • Compression.
  • Pitch, Roll and Yaw.
  • Clear clogged stagnant lymph.
  • Rib cage and intercostals release (Great for asthma and rib injuries).
  • Middle ear for Tinitus.
  • Full balance & 6 minute balance.
  • Foot pads for balance plus buttocks and thigh sensors.

Courses are run twice per year. Phone for details and dates of the next course or to be placed on our mailing list.
Book in early and avoid disappointment as numbers are limited.


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