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Fee Help

Kinesiology Schools Australia receive many enquires from people about Fee Help. To get straight to the point KSA does not offer it.

KSA has taken this stance because, unfortunately, a lot of people have the perception it is free money and don’t take into account they have to pay it back. According to the national body many people on Fee Help end up in financial difficulties. The problem has become so bad that the government has issued warnings and changed the rules about it.

KSA made the decision that to save the risk of our students going into financial hardship we will not offer Fee Help. Instead we are happy to put you in contact with a Broker that we know is ethical. This way you will only be able to get the loan if you can afford to pay it back. We care for our students and want the best for their long term good. http://kinesiologyschools.com.au/forms/fee-help/ http://kinesiologyschools.com.au/forms/fee-help/Not just while they are studying with us.

The broker details are
Commercial Brokers Australia

You are more than welcome to use your own broker. The attached form is a generic form that you can fill in and hand to any broker.

Print or download FORM here

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