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Distant Education for Kinesiology and Kinesiology Training in Australia

Be careful and informed. Choose wisely.

We receive many calls from people inquiring about studying Kinesiology either online or by distant education (correspondence).

Can you be a successful Kinesiology practitioner learning by Distant Education or video?

Quite simply the answer here is NO !

In the 16 years I have been involved in Kinesiology I am yet to hear of any Kinesiology practitioner who has successfully been in practice that has learnt their Kinesiology via distant education. There is of course a very good reason for this.

Why can’t Kinesiology be learnt by distant education or video?

Kinesiology is a very hands-on health modality. It is not just hands on. The highly skilled hands on techniques of Kinesiology are an art. The skills are not something you can learn via a book or a video. Very few people master the various types of muscle testing used in Kinesiology.

People must learn the ‘feel’, the pressure, what the various responses mean. How and why the responses may differ from one person to the next. There are so many possibility variations of responses that a book or manual cannot cover them all. An experienced teacher is essential to provide the necessary feedback required.

What to look for when looking for somewhere to study Kinesiology.

  • Are all Kinesiology units taught face to face? (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Is there a lot of time for practice, in class?
  • How many hours are “pure” Kinesiology hours in relation to non-Kinesiology hours
  • Is the course accredited by the Australian Institute of Kinesiology and the Australian Kinesiology Association?
  • On completion can you automatically join either of these associations once you receive your qualification?
  • Is the course nationally recognised by the Australian Training Authority
  • Is it one type of Kinesiology for the whole course or are there many different types of Kinesiology?
  • If there are many different types of Kinesiology there may be a lot of repetition as the techniques vary and are not integrated.
  • Can I still work while I am studying or do I need to give up work?
  • Is it Austudy approved?
  • Is the type of Kinesiology backed by a big organisation such as the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. See www.icpkp.com

Be careful and informed. Choose wisely.

For more information about the accredited Australian training schools, click on the following locations:




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