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Food and Supplement Testing

Food and Supplement Testing is a 3- hour mini workshop to help you make the best choice for yourself and your family

FaST21Kinesiology allows you to test the substances before they end up in your mouth to see if there will be a negative reaction.

With today’s lifestyle, pollution, use of chemicals and preservatives it is important for us to take some care in what we eat. Many of us have allergies and sensitivities to our foods, even to some of the natural foods, drinks or supplements.

You may not become ill straight away from a substance that is biocidic (degenerative) but it will add to the total stress level and contribute to bad health, poor performance and especially allergies.

Illness and disease are affected by what goes into our mouth. Let us show you how to improve your choices in healthy

Good nutrition is one thing but there is more then that. You can learn how to determine what is good for you the individual, and your children. You will then have more say in your family’s health and not rely on others.

The Food and Supplement Testing workshop will show you:
• How to muscle test (the keyboard of the biocomputer)
• Basic nutritional concepts (food combining and food intolerance I sensitivities I allergies)
• How different substances can react differently to the various areas and systems of our body
• How to test for food sensitivities
• How to test to see if particular supplements are causing aggravation.

You will gain the necessary tools to test yourself and your family anytime with any substance you are unsure of.

No experience in Kinesiology or other natural health is needed.

In recent years, Kinesiology has developed and improved into an outstanding health care system, becoming one of the most sought-after Natural Therapy today.


Danny Liddell Danny Liddell is an award winning Kinesiology practitioner. He has studied many advanced techniques and systems under many of the leading names in the industry.

Over the last few years Danny has been a lecturer at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences, the Academy of Natural Health and at the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

Danny runs a busy Kinesiology clinic on the north side of Brisbane, called Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies.

In 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies won Awards for the best business in health from one of Brisbane’s leading newspapers. In 2001 and 2002 they were a finalist. This award was nominated and voted by the public in recognition of the success of the Kinesiology treatments.

Danny also holds a Certificate IV in Workplace
Training as required by VETEC.

To help students get the most out of their training we provide practice evenings for students to help improve and fine tune their skills.

Danny is one of only 9 people in Australia and the only Brisbane based instructor qualified to teach the Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Certificate, Programme.