Is it the dairy, wheat or the poisons sprayed on your food?


For over 20 years I’ve been helping people with health issues such as digestive problems, adrenal and chronic fatigue and sensitivities.

Many of these people have symptoms like pain, extreme lethargy, bloating, skin problems and more.

One common thing they are often told by doctors, naturopaths, dieticians and numerous other practitioners including Kinesiologists is to keep off dairy and wheat. In most cases they have had some success but many, although their symptoms have improved, still have lasting symptoms that don’t go away and they just learn to live with them.

A good Kinesiologist can often help teach the body not to react to these substances in the way it has. This is a huge relief for these people but even after a good Kinesiology ‘balance’ a percentage of people still have problems and some have no change at all, no matter how many different practitioners they try.

From my experience there are a few other factors that people need to look at. One is MSG, Mono Sodium Glutamate. This comes under a number of different names including natural food flavouring which can be quite misleading. Even though it can be natural and it does enhance the flavour of foods it can cause many health reactions including dehydration and making it difficult to lose weight. There are a multitude of other symptoms that a person may suffer

Even more common but usually overlooked, as most practitioners don’t know how to test it, are the poisons used to reduce or kill the weeds and bugs when growing foods, especially grains.

Let’s take a look at a few things I noticed and researched over the years. Many clients have gluten sensitivities here in Australia but can eat bread and other gluten products in many European countries. Isn’t gluten, gluten? Or is it different in overseas countries? Some people never drank milk in Australia because it wasn’t common in their country of origin yet they still had the same problems blamed on dairy. My list could go on for quite a while so I’ll just continue with these two examples.

In the early 2000’s I had a colleague who had chronic fatigue and a doctor worked out she was reacting to a house hold weed killer, Round Up. He detoxified her and her chronic ill health disappeared and good health returned. I started testing the product in my clinic on different clients and it improved my successes. This got me thinking so I researched it further.

I found similar results with children with learning difficulties and more so behavioural issues. Many of these children had improvement once I balanced them around Round Up and built up their gut bacteria. Again this got me thinking and researching.

So what is Round Up made from?

The active ingredient is Glyphosate which was patented in the 1970s by Monsanto. This is the company that told us Agent Orange was safe. We all know how that worked out for the soldiers and people of Vietnam !

Why is this a problem to people’s health?

This product is a herbicide and the whole point of a herbicide is to kill bugs and weeds. That is all good and well as it increases the productivity on a farm. It does its job and kills the unwanted bugs but unfortunately it also kills the good bugs in the human digestive system too which is no good for the consumer. We need a variety of gut bacteria’s and billions of each. The different bacteria, amongst other things, help us break down our foods and they live in different parts of our digestive system.

Without good gut bacteria health and with a toxic bowel the quality of nutrients entering our cells and body is less than adequate. The body starts to struggle and slowly shuts down. Often people survive and just exist. But as soon as they have added emotional or physical stress their body goes into chronic stress and shuts down, the symptoms take over and ill health becomes obvious.

Monsanto’s patent protection expired in 2000 so it is now made by nine chemical companies and 100000 tones is sold under more than 30 different brand names. That’s a lot of poison sprayed on our foods killing our essential gut bacteria. No wonder so many people are becoming chronically sick.

So, is it Dairy ? Is it Wheat ? Well the poison is sprayed on grains the cows eat and also onto the wheat. So in the long and the tall of it I’d say YES, to a big degree probably due to the spraying habits of farmers.

If you have these problems talk to you local Professional Kinesiology Practitioner and make sure they are trained to identify and correct chemical imbalances.

Kinesiology practitioners that graduate with the Diploma of Kinesiology from Kinesiology Schools Australia will be able to help you with these health problems as you can be sure they have the appropriate training.

Unfortunately these health issues are a growing trend. There has never been a greater need for trained professionals as there is today. Contact Kinesiology Schools Australia today and see how you can start you new and exciting career in health.

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Research Shows Natural Therapies Are As Scientific As Western Medicine

Research Shows Natural Therapies Are As Scientific As Western Medicine

Here’s a very interesting interview that the skeptics of natural health should look at from the science perspective. Research shows Acupuncture, Kinesiology and the like are as scientific or western medicine.

In many cases the brain can do it, including surgery, according to research. Western meds proof is based on the chemical side but the research shows the brain has the power to do the healing, and create the natural chemicals as much as the chemical meds. In many cases reducing the need for surgery.

This research shows the importance and proof that modalities such as Kinesiology that have the ability to help the brain identify and produce the healing chemicals and messages to heal the body of illness, disease and pain. It has less cost, less side effects and is less invasive.

Science is proving that Kinesiology is the health care of the future. To be part of it pick up the phone and contact us now. Practitioner courses start in March in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.




I don’t need my glasses anymore!

I don’t need my glasses anymore

How exciting is this?

This was what the mother of one of our new Certificate IV students told me today.
She was amazed that her son who has only completed 2 days of training with us was able to do.
She asked me how this was possible?
It’s simple, the quality of our course is very high.
We don’t beat around the bush.
We get in there and teach our students things that are safe but still very powerful.
You too can become a qualified and successful practitioner by studying with Kinesiology Schools Australia.




What You Learn In The Diploma

What You Learn In The Diploma

Kinesiology Units Year 1:

The first 9 Kinesiology units provide a solid grounding of Kinesiology knowledge and skills starting at the basics and continuing to intermediate and the introduction of some advanced techniques. This is the most efficient basic skills course available.

BKP101 – Energisers and Self Testing
BKP102 – Proficient Manual Muscle Testing
BKP103 – Introduction to the Law of Five Elements
BKP104 – Kinesiology and Superficial Connections
BKP105 – The Law of Five Elements In-Depth
BKP106 – Balancing Protocol with PKP Database
BKP107 – Pain Reduction
BKP108 – Balancing with Food
BKP109 – Advanced Muscle Techniques

Student at Kinesiology Schools Australia


Kinesiology Units Year 2:

Second year units, group together similar techniques, building a progressive skill set to allow you have the depth of knowledge and skills to help each individual problems your client may present with.

EMS201 – Mastery of Emotional Stress Release
EMS302 – Subconscious Self-Perception
ECO201 – Lifestyle and Dietary Modification
ECO202 – Balancing Allergies and Hypersensitivities
ECO301 – Adrenal, Geopathic and Life Energy
PIB203 – Brain Integration Skills
VEF301 – Gems and other Vibrational Energy Fields
VEF302 – Metaphysical Energy Fields
VEF201 – Flower Essences
JAF201 – TMJ and Cranials
JAF301 – Ligaments and Joints
MST201 – Muscle and Skin Activation
MST202 – Shoulder, Elbow, Hand Muscle Protocol
MST203 – Hip, Leg and Foot Muscles
MST301 – Head, Neck and Trunk Protocol




Why Study With Kinesiology Schools Australia?

KSA Graduating Students 2016

KSA is dedicated exclusively to teaching Kinesiology, allowing for focussed learning in this specialist field.

We pride ourselves on our student support including online training resources, student practise nights and an amazing Facebook community where students can share highlights and ask questions.

Both industry bodies accredit our courses – the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and the Australian Institute of Kinesiology (AIK) are the two industry bodies for Kinesiology.

The Diploma in Kinesiology is a fully progressive course. A specific protocol is taught so that students have an organised order to follow to ensure success in the fastest time possible.

The Diploma in Kinesiology is Austudy approved.

As Kinesiology is a “hands on modality” we allow for plenty of practical experience.

Graduates of the Diploma can join either industry body as a professional member and qualify for their clients to receive Health Fund Rebates.

Courses are taught on weekends so that people can still work while they study.

All Kinesiology units are face to face with a teacher. We do not believe that Kinesiology can be taught successfully via correspondence.

We offer non-Kinesiology units by correspondence so that students can start at any time and study in their own time.




After A Rewarding New Career?


The public are now looking for natural alternatives that work.

There has never been a better time to learn Kinesiology.

Do You…
Like helping people?
Want to choose the hours you work?
Change the quality of life of those around you?
Want to earn money doing something you love?

Then You Would Make A Great Kinesiologist

Enrol now for our Introduction to Kinesiology Workshop
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Not all Kinesiology Diploma’s are the same.
The depth of the KSA Diploma (Professional Kinesiology Program) is outstanding.
PKP is university researched and proven to work.

You can help with:
Emotional trauma
Phobias and Anxiety
Pain and Injury
Learning difficulties
Fine motor
Goal enhancement
And much more

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Why I Changed My Career


Is your current job just not rewarding
or you are about to be retrenched?

I was there too once.

After 13 years with Telstra, my department was going through change so I took redundancy. It was scary and a difficult decision to leave the comfort zone of what I knew and that reliable pay cheque. I had no idea what I was going to do for an income.

I travelled for a while then returned and moved to Brisbane. I tried to return to the computer industry but they said I’d been away for too long and the jobs just weren’t there so I decided to teach computers to adults at TAFE for some cash flow. I went along to an open day with my wife as she was interested in reflexology. My knowledge of health at the time was playing sport for exercise and I liked to be massaged. That was the extent for me.

At the open day they talked about different types of natural health, one of which was Kinesiology. I’d never heard of it but it sounded interesting. The speaker mentioned and showed how it can help with pain and injury recovery. Being an ex competitive basketball player it gained my attention although I didn’t really understand how it worked.

The next day I went to TAFE to learn how to be an adult education teacher so I could teach computers. I introduced myself to the lady who sat next to me and asked what she would be teaching. Maggie said she was a Kinesiologist. I nearly fell off my seat as it was only the day before that I heard about it for the very first time. All excited, I mentioned what had happened the day before and she said that she didn’t work with pain or injuries but instead she specialised in kids with learning difficulties. Having struggled through school she had my full attention. I was more than just intrigued and wanted to know more. How can it help with pain and injuries as well as learning difficulties? A physio can only help pain and injuries.

Just 3 days later (yes the very same week) I went to a festival in Fortitude Vallley and you might not believe it but there were two Kinesiologists giving 5 minute treatments for $5. I had nothing to lose so gave it a shot. The interesting thing was that they were working with sensitivities and intolerances. Now I was amazed by Kinesiology. After 5 minutes I no longer reacted to dust and haven’t to this day, 21 years later.

I can say I was a bit shocked and excited about the variety Kinesiology could help. And it did all this while also looking at the emotional aspect of the problem. That was it, I enrolled the next day. Later I learnt that Kinesiology can also help with digestive problems, hormonal and a host of other issues including helping people become the best they can be by achieving their goals.

Since then I can honestly say I have never been bored with work or looked back. I work with people with all types of problems helping them achieve not just better health but a better quality of life.

It is so rewarding helping people and one of the bonuses is that a big percentage of my clients can feel the improvements before the leave their very first consultation. I’ve worked 2 day old babies to 94 year old ladies and elite athletes that have represented Australia in a variety of sports. I even worked with an Olympian for a number of years and know for afact he would not have made the Olympics without my help.

Natural Health is a growing industry and Kinesiology is the fastest growing health modality in the world today. The Kinesiology Schools Australia Diploma allows you to register after your first year and start building your practice while you continue and complete your Diploma. Classes are one weekend a month allowing you to work while your study if you so choose. There are also some home study units to do during your own time throughout the course.

Over the years we have had many graduates change their careers for a multitude of reasons and have gone on to be successful practitioners and leaders in the field. If you enjoy helping people and are considering a change in career I highly recommend taking a serious look at Kinesiology.

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Help your family’s health and wellbeing

The reason I wanted to study Kinesiology was to help my family

When I had my daughter in 2006, I became focused on finding out more natural ways to keep her safe, healthy and happy. I ended up surrounding myself with some fabulous health practitioners like Chiros, Homeopaths etc – but it was costing me a fortune. I was also mindful, at the time, that I was having to rely on other people to make sure my family was ok and I started to think about what I could do or learn that would empower me to be able to help my family in the same way – especially since we were thinking about travelling around Australia and I wouldn’t have access to the health practitioners I trusted or who knew my family.

When Lauren was about 18 months old, I started to want to do something for me again. I didn’t want to go back to being a primary school teacher. I knew I wanted to learn more about health and having experienced Kinesiology through my Chiropractor I was intrigued about how I could ask my body questions through muscle testing and work out where my body was stressed. So one Thursday afternoon in early 2008 I found myself on the computer googling Kinesiology and found Kinesiology Schools Australia. The college was only 45 mins from where I lived and the classes were only held one weekend a month which meant I could still look after Lauren easily. My husband could have some one on one quality time with her on the weekend I had to do my course. It also meant that for the first time since having Lauren, I had a break from being mum and some time to do something that was meaningful to me.

Studying Kinesiology changed my world. The people I met while studying became close friends and because we were getting balanced all the time during and outside class, by the end of the first year, I had achieved so many goals and felt great both emotionally and physically. Everyone in the class was different. Some people returning to work after 10 years because their kids were now at school. Others not happy with their current job and another just wanting to improve her health.

The course content was so diverse. It allowed me to learn about how to help people with emotional stress, physical pain, diet and digestive problems, learning problems as well as how to move and shift energy in the body. What started out as a chance to learn something new and a way to help my family, has now become a career and passion that financially supports me and gives me so much joy. Lauren is now 10 years old – time flies when you are having fun.
I now work a few days a week seeing clients at both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The best bit is I get to choose my own work hours and still be there to take and pick Lauren up from school. If Lauren hurts herself or is feeling unwell – I know how to help her.

The truth is, I never would have found Kinesiology if I didn’t have a child. I’m so grateful that being a Mum lead me to finding my passion that not only helps people I care about but also allows me to make a difference for other people as well.

For whatever reason you heard about or found Kinesiology or had the thought “I’d love to be able to do that” – please allow yourself the opportunity to find out more about this awesome modality. It could be the thing that ignites a spark to create the life you want and deserve. That’s what it has done for me and so much more.

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Comparison to University


Why a KSA Qualification?


Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

Completion of the first year is the minimum requirement to set up practice or work in an existing clinical practice as a practitioner. The Diploma Of Kinesiology is the minimum nationally recognised training offer advanced skills and knowledge. Graduates of the KSA Diploma of Kinesiology are highly sought after practitioners.

Comparison to University Qualifications

The table below is a comparison between of your investment and return for your studies between health related courses.

  Endeavour College  QUT ACU  Kinesiology
Schools Australia
Bachelor of Health Science

– Nutritional Medicine

Bachelor of Health Science

-Musculoskeletal Therapy

 Bachelor of Behavioural Science Psychology Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy Diploma of
 Year 1 $14478 plus text books   Estimated fee $15674 plus text books $7400 plus text books $7970 plus text books $8497 plus
1st Aid & 1 text
 Year 2 $14455 plus text books Estimated fee $15972 plus text books $7400 plus text books $7970 plus text books $6800
plus 2 texts
 Year 3 $15293 plus text books 
Estimated fee $16442 plus 
text books
$7400 plus text books $7970 4th year $7970 plus text books $3400 total
Estimated Total Tuition Fee including electives 
plus texts
plus texts
plus texts
plus texts
Only $18497
Plus 3 texts
Professional Qualification after one year       
Can earn income whilst studying (Years 2 & 3)          
Freedom to be self employed in own clinic          
Can Help People with…  Nutrition Pain & Injuries   Emotional Issues Injuries & Lifestyle Nutrition,
Emotional Issues,
Pain & Injuries,
Food Sensitivities, Lifestyle,
Learning Difficulties
& Much More… 

What can



Learning difficulties

Processing skills

Motor skills



Sports injuries

Sports performance

Food sensitivities





Fear & Anxiety


Emotional abuse


Power & Strength

Goal setting & Life direction

Behavioural problems

Emotional stress

…………. And more