Why Study With Kinesiology Schools Australia?

KSA Graduating Students 2016

KSA is dedicated exclusively to teaching Kinesiology, allowing for focussed learning in this specialist field.

We pride ourselves on our student support including online training resources, student practise nights and an amazing Facebook community where students can share highlights and ask questions.

Both industry bodies accredit our courses – the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) and the Australian Institute of Kinesiology (AIK) are the two industry bodies for Kinesiology.

The Diploma in Kinesiology is a fully progressive course. A specific protocol is taught so that students have an organised order to follow to ensure success in the fastest time possible.

The Diploma in Kinesiology is Austudy approved.

As Kinesiology is a “hands on modality” we allow for plenty of practical experience.

Graduates of the Diploma can join either industry body as a professional member and qualify for their clients to receive Health Fund Rebates.

Courses are taught on weekends so that people can still work while they study.

All Kinesiology units are face to face with a teacher. We do not believe that Kinesiology can be taught successfully via correspondence.

We offer non-Kinesiology units by correspondence so that students can start at any time and study in their own time.