Comparison to University


Why a KSA Qualification?


Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

Completion of the first year is the minimum requirement to set up practice or work in an existing clinical practice as a practitioner. The Diploma Of Kinesiology is the minimum nationally recognised training offer advanced skills and knowledge. Graduates of the KSA Diploma of Kinesiology are highly sought after practitioners.

Comparison to University Qualifications

The table below is a comparison between of your investment and return for your studies between health related courses.

  Endeavour College  QUT ACU  Kinesiology
Schools Australia
Bachelor of Health Science

– Nutritional Medicine

Bachelor of Health Science

-Musculoskeletal Therapy

 Bachelor of Behavioural Science Psychology Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy Diploma of
 Year 1 $14478 plus text books   Estimated fee $15674 plus text books $7400 plus text books $7970 plus text books $8497 plus
1st Aid & 1 text
 Year 2 $14455 plus text books Estimated fee $15972 plus text books $7400 plus text books $7970 plus text books $6800
plus 2 texts
 Year 3 $15293 plus text books 
Estimated fee $16442 plus 
text books
$7400 plus text books $7970 4th year $7970 plus text books $3400 total
Estimated Total Tuition Fee including electives 
plus texts
plus texts
plus texts
plus texts
Only $18497
Plus 3 texts
Professional Qualification after one year       
Can earn income whilst studying (Years 2 & 3)          
Freedom to be self employed in own clinic          
Can Help People with…  Nutrition Pain & Injuries   Emotional Issues Injuries & Lifestyle Nutrition,
Emotional Issues,
Pain & Injuries,
Food Sensitivities, Lifestyle,
Learning Difficulties
& Much More… 

What can



Learning difficulties

Processing skills

Motor skills



Sports injuries

Sports performance

Food sensitivities





Fear & Anxiety


Emotional abuse


Power & Strength

Goal setting & Life direction

Behavioural problems

Emotional stress

…………. And more