What You Learn In The Diploma

What You Learn In The Diploma

Kinesiology Units Year 1:

The first 9 Kinesiology units provide a solid grounding of Kinesiology knowledge and skills starting at the basics and continuing to intermediate and the introduction of some advanced techniques. This is the most efficient basic skills course available.

BKP101 – Energisers and Self Testing
BKP102 – Proficient Manual Muscle Testing
BKP103 – Introduction to the Law of Five Elements
BKP104 – Kinesiology and Superficial Connections
BKP105 – The Law of Five Elements In-Depth
BKP106 – Balancing Protocol with PKP Database
BKP107 – Pain Reduction
BKP108 – Balancing with Food
BKP109 – Advanced Muscle Techniques

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Kinesiology Units Year 2:

Second year units, group together similar techniques, building a progressive skill set to allow you have the depth of knowledge and skills to help each individual problems your client may present with.

EMS201 – Mastery of Emotional Stress Release
EMS302 – Subconscious Self-Perception
ECO201 – Lifestyle and Dietary Modification
ECO202 – Balancing Allergies and Hypersensitivities
ECO301 – Adrenal, Geopathic and Life Energy
PIB203 – Brain Integration Skills
VEF301 – Gems and other Vibrational Energy Fields
VEF302 – Metaphysical Energy Fields
VEF201 – Flower Essences
JAF201 – TMJ and Cranials
JAF301 – Ligaments and Joints
MST201 – Muscle and Skin Activation
MST202 – Shoulder, Elbow, Hand Muscle Protocol
MST203 – Hip, Leg and Foot Muscles
MST301 – Head, Neck and Trunk Protocol