Why I Changed My Career


Is your current job just not rewarding
or you are about to be retrenched?

I was there too once.

After 13 years with Telstra, my department was going through change so I took redundancy. It was scary and a difficult decision to leave the comfort zone of what I knew and that reliable pay cheque. I had no idea what I was going to do for an income.

I travelled for a while then returned and moved to Brisbane. I tried to return to the computer industry but they said I’d been away for too long and the jobs just weren’t there so I decided to teach computers to adults at TAFE for some cash flow. I went along to an open day with my wife as she was interested in reflexology. My knowledge of health at the time was playing sport for exercise and I liked to be massaged. That was the extent for me.

At the open day they talked about different types of natural health, one of which was Kinesiology. I’d never heard of it but it sounded interesting. The speaker mentioned and showed how it can help with pain and injury recovery. Being an ex competitive basketball player it gained my attention although I didn’t really understand how it worked.

The next day I went to TAFE to learn how to be an adult education teacher so I could teach computers. I introduced myself to the lady who sat next to me and asked what she would be teaching. Maggie said she was a Kinesiologist. I nearly fell off my seat as it was only the day before that I heard about it for the very first time. All excited, I mentioned what had happened the day before and she said that she didn’t work with pain or injuries but instead she specialised in kids with learning difficulties. Having struggled through school she had my full attention. I was more than just intrigued and wanted to know more. How can it help with pain and injuries as well as learning difficulties? A physio can only help pain and injuries.

Just 3 days later (yes the very same week) I went to a festival in Fortitude Vallley and you might not believe it but there were two Kinesiologists giving 5 minute treatments for $5. I had nothing to lose so gave it a shot. The interesting thing was that they were working with sensitivities and intolerances. Now I was amazed by Kinesiology. After 5 minutes I no longer reacted to dust and haven’t to this day, 21 years later.

I can say I was a bit shocked and excited about the variety Kinesiology could help. And it did all this while also looking at the emotional aspect of the problem. That was it, I enrolled the next day. Later I learnt that Kinesiology can also help with digestive problems, hormonal and a host of other issues including helping people become the best they can be by achieving their goals.

Since then I can honestly say I have never been bored with work or looked back. I work with people with all types of problems helping them achieve not just better health but a better quality of life.

It is so rewarding helping people and one of the bonuses is that a big percentage of my clients can feel the improvements before the leave their very first consultation. I’ve worked 2 day old babies to 94 year old ladies and elite athletes that have represented Australia in a variety of sports. I even worked with an Olympian for a number of years and know for afact he would not have made the Olympics without my help.

Natural Health is a growing industry and Kinesiology is the fastest growing health modality in the world today. The Kinesiology Schools Australia Diploma allows you to register after your first year and start building your practice while you continue and complete your Diploma. Classes are one weekend a month allowing you to work while your study if you so choose. There are also some home study units to do during your own time throughout the course.

Over the years we have had many graduates change their careers for a multitude of reasons and have gone on to be successful practitioners and leaders in the field. If you enjoy helping people and are considering a change in career I highly recommend taking a serious look at Kinesiology.

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