Kinesiology is Truly Holistic


Why does Kinesiology gets quick and long lasting results?
The answer is simple… a Kinesiologist looks at the whole person rather than just one part of them. For example, when someone experiences pain in their body, the solution may not be in just trying to fix them structurally. We’ve all heard of emotional pain but does that really exist? The answer is yes. In fact it could be not just emotional but it could even be a nutritional issue that needs to be addressed for the body to release the pain. website appraisal Have a look at the video to see Kinesiology in action.

This video shows first hand how whiplash from an accident can have both emotional and chemical issues that need to be dealt with to resolve long term neck pain. Watch how the lady is amazed when Kinesiology identifies and corrects issues she didn’t even know were still affecting her.


If you enrol in your Certificate IV in Kinesiology before the end of June 2015
then you can have all the benefits of the Certificate IV as it is.

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