Kinesiology is Reproducible and Scientific

Skeptics like to tell us that Kinesiology and most natural health modalities are not scientifically proven so therefore don’t work. Well …. I could go debate this for quite a while but I’ll simply say a few things here.

DrSueEardleyKinesiology is reproducible. I will use the Professional Kinesiology Program as an example for this article. This style of Kinesiology has a specific protocol that the Kinesiology practitioner follows to prepare the body to be balanced. This includes doing pre evaluations and tests that identify where stresses are within the body. For example, percentage of life energy, percentage of stress, pain level, range of movement of muscles, saying the goal they want to achieve out loud, and many more that specifically relate to the issue that is being worked on. After the Kinesiology balancing procedure has been done, each pre evaluation and test is recheck to make sure that it no longer holds stress.

For example, a Polarity imbalance can be shown by placing the finger tips together and testing the integrity of a leg muscle. The muscle will do one of two things. Stay locked (strong) which infers that polarity is intact or the muscle will unlock (seem to lose it’s strength, go weak) which infers that the polarity in not working efficiently causing stress. A double check test can then be applied to confirm the original test.

The reason Kinesiology has not been scientifically proven is that it does not receive the funding that medicine receives therefore research is not undertaken. There have been a number of independent studies undertaken such as the published research by Dr Susan Eardley at the University of South Hampton in the UK. Dr Eardley’s research showed that PKP1 Kinesiology is as effective if not more effective than Massage, Physiotherapy or Chiropractics for reducing pain. Because Kinesiology is so individual, it is difficult to fit into the one size fits all definition that academics usually require.

[1] PKP is a style of Kinesiology and is the style of Kinesiology taught by Kinesiology Schools Australia

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