Is a Tummy Ache Really a Tummy Problem?

Here is an example of true holistic health in action.

Let’s say you are asked to do a talk in front of a group of colleagues. You feel anxious about speaking and it runs through your mind (emotional). Butterflies in the tummy may occur (chemical reaction) at the thought of this. You feel a discomfort in your body from the butterflies. To feel more
comfortable you lean forward to relax your tummy which, in turn affects your posture and causes back pain (physical) over a period of time. Unfortunately even after you do your talk the back pain stays with you.

Conventional treatment would do something to relieve the lower back pain. Possible treatment would be painkillers, some anti-inflammatories and/or physiotherapy. If there are still any butterflies in the tummy (a nauseous feeling) then another medication may also be prescribed. This combination may help the present symptoms but – as the cause has not yet been resolved – the symptoms may re-occur or new symptoms may arise. They will also re-occur in the future if you are asked to give another talk.

butterfliiesA Kinesiologist would look at the big picture first and identify whether there are emotional, chemical and physical components to the problem. Isolating and testing lower back muscles would identify which muscles are affected and their emotional catalyst. Finger modes (not described here) or a 14 muscle meridian balance may then be used to return harmony to all aspects of the problem. Finger Modes are away to quickly identify which of the many corrections available is the one required in the appropriate order. I use the word balance above as it is a Kinesiologist aim to return the person to a natural balance where they can heal themselves as they have since human existence began.
The problem should now be solved with no new symptoms to arise. It’s a bit like finding the right pieces to the puzzle then placing them together in the correct order.


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