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What is Kinesiology?

Often I am asked, “what is Kinesiology ?” or “how can it help my problem ?”
Another question on their lips is “how do you pronounce it ???”
Let’s start there. Kin-EASY-ology. See it’s easy …. And effective too.
As Kinesiology has such a broad variety of …

Kinesiology is Similar To

Kinesiology is like Physiotherapy but it’s not.
Kinesiology is like Psychology and Counselling but it’s not.
Kinesiology is like Naturopathy but is not.
It’s better.
Read here to find out more…

What Kinesiology is Not

There are many misperceptions about Kinesiology. Many people don’t understand its science so therefore find it easier to think of it as which craft. Read here to find out more about Kinesiology.

In this article you will also see how Kinesiology is like Chiropractics and Osteopathy but it’s not. Kinesiology is like Acupuncture but it’s not. Kinesiology is like Massage but it’s not. It’s better. Find out more

After A Rewarding New Career?

The public are now looking for natural alternatives that work.
There has never been a better time to learn Kinesiology.
Do You…
Like helping people? Want to choose the hours you work? Change the quality of life of those around you?

Want to earn money doing something you love? Find out more

Why Study With Kinesiology Schools Australia?

KSA is dedicated exclusively to teaching Kinesiology, allowing for focussed learning in this specialist field.

We pride ourselves on our student support including online training resources, student practise nights and an amazing Facebook community where students can share highlights and… Find out more

What You Learn In The Diploma

The first 9 Kinesiology units provide a solid grounding of Kinesiology knowledge and skills starting at the basics and continuing to intermediate and the introduction of some advanced techniques.

This is the most… Find out more

I don’t need my glasses anymore!

How exciting is this?

This was what the mother of one of our new Certificate IV students told me today.
She was amazed that her son who has only completed 2 days of training with us was able to do.
She asked me how… Find out more

Research Shows Natural Therapies Are As Scientific As Western Medicine

Here’s a very interesting interview that the skeptics of natural health should look at from the science perspective. Research shows Acupuncture, Kinesiology and the like are as scientific or western medicine.

In many cases the brain can do it, including surgery, according to research. Western meds proof is based on the chemical side but the research shows the brain has the power to… Find out more

Is a tummy ache really a tummy problem?

Humans are amazing ‘beings’. Our symptoms are not always as they seem.

For example, something like a simple tummy ache may not always be what it seems.

It could be …

What to look for when searching for a college to learn Kinesiology

Don’t get caught with the wrong Kinesiology qualification for what you want. Kinesiology courses are not all the same. We often receive phone calls from people half way through studying at some colleges and have realized that they aren’t getting what they wanted. Read on to find out what to look for…

Kinesiology is Reproducible and Scientific

Skeptics like to tell us that Kinesiology and most natural health modalities are not scientifically proven so therefore don’t work.

Well, not according to Dr Susan Eardley at the University of South Hampton in the UK…

Kinesiology is Truly Holistic

Why does Kinesiology gets quick and long lasting results ? The answer is simple… a Kinesiologist looks at…

We Are More Than Just A Body

When it comes to health we often hear the word holistic.

Unfortunately most people don’t think about what it actually means.

For some it brings up thoughts of hippy’s or that it must be something weird or “out there”.

Study for Free

Your chance to study your first year for free. WOW this is exciting. We’ve done it before and thought we’d do it one more time. Start your Diploma in Kinesiology with Kinesiology Schools Australia’s Brisbane campus commencing October 8 and be in the draw to …

Comparison to University

Why a KSA Qualification? Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Completion of the first year is the minimum requirement to set up practice or work in an existing clinical practice as a practitioner. The Diploma Of Kinesiology is the minimum nationally recognised…

Help your family’s health and wellbeing

The reason I wanted to study Kinesiology was to help my family. When I had my daughter in 2006, I became focused on finding out more natural ways to keep her safe, healthy and happy. I ended up…

Looking for a change in career

Is your current job just not rewarding or you are about to be retrenched? I was there too once.
After 13 years with Telstra, my department was going through change so I took redundancy. It was scary and a difficult decision to leave the comfort zone of what I knew and that reliable pay cheque. I had no …

Is it the dairy, wheat or the poisons sprayed on your food?

For over 20 years I’ve been helping people with health issues such as digestive problems, adrenal and chronic fatigue and sensitivities. Many of these people have symptoms like …