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Eye Improvement

This is a 3 hour workshop designed to help improve your vision.
The purpose of this workshop is to look at various methods which have been successful for many people wishing to see more clearly.

We will discuss nutrition and environmental support, the effects of stress, colour and light on the eyes, which muscles affect the eyes, even how your belief system affects your eyes.

You will learn how to test to find out what and where the problems are and then how to fix them. Learn which muscles of the body are directly related to the eyes and how to return them to their optimum.

A number of exercises to help reinforce the changes and how to continue the improvement will also be taught.

It is not uncommon for the eye sight of participants in this course to have such an improvement that they don’t need glasses anymore while others can go back to glasses they used to wear two or three years ago.


At Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies we run a number of courses from self help for the health conscious, to weekend wokshops and even a diploma in Kinesiology for the serious learner.

The TRIANGLE OF HEALTH is used as our model to describe how the ‘being’ (whole person) must be in balance (See fig 1). For a healthy and happy existence the physical, bio-chemical and emotional sides of our life must be in harmony with one another, hence the term ‘holistic health care’.

For example, if you feel anxious about speaking in front of a group of people (emotional), butterflies in the tummy may occur (chemical reaction), this causes discomfort to your body (physical).


Danny Liddell Danny Liddell is an award winning Kinesiology practitioner. One of Australia’s leading Kinesiologists and author of How Kinesiology Works, Danny has led the team of successful Kinesiologists at Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies since 1995.

The Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies team is renowned for changing lives and people’s quality of life for the better.

Danny’s Teaching Qualifications:
Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems – BSZ50198
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – TAE40110
P.K.P. Faculty level 3 (highest level)
Hyperton-X Instructor
Hyperton-X Advanced Instructor
N.O.T. Instructor (Neural Organisational Therapy)
Touch For Health Instructor

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